Child Painting Projects

Toddlers and Kids Painting Fun – Rain or Shine!

Looking for some simple and fun child painting projects?

What you’ll need to get started…

A kids easel,
good art smock, supply of large sheets of paper and a nice shady spot
in the garden, or on a porch or balcony are a perfect starting point for
a whole range of kids painting and coloring projects.You might also want to use a tarp sheet, or sheet of plastic to lay on the floor to reduce the amount of clean up that you’ll have to deal with.

kids will love nothing more than your praise and seeing their creations
being hung. Your only challenge will be to find enough space on your
fridge for all the artwork!

Recommended Paints

outoors toddler painting fun

selecting paints it is advisable to avoid watercolors for younger
children. Toddlers are better suited to poster paints, paint blocks, or
powder paints which can be thickened with flour or soap flakes.

of around 2-3 years old only need one colour to paint with. Slightly
older kids are better with two to four colours, each in a separate
non-spill pot with its own brush. Non-spill pots are well worth buying
as they reduce the amount of paint you use as well as greatly reducing

Creative Paint Projects

Apart from standard painting with paintbrushes there are a vast
number of creative paint projects that your kids can undertake simply
using household objects. Straws, rags, hands and feet, and even
vegetables can be used, as can various paints for different effects. See
below for more detailed help with individual projects.

**TIP- I tend to keep painting projects outdoors so that my kids can enjoy themselves without having to worry about too much about paint accidents. Grass is very forgiving!

they are painting inside then make sure your floors are well covered to
avoid tears (from you or your kids!). Start with simpler projects and
as you become comfortable with the levels of mess you can move your kids
onto the messier ideas. Don’t get too concerned about your kids getting
paint on themselves- my daughter has painted her entire body green, to
be a dinosaur ofcourse! After my initial shock I just squirted her down
with the hose and made the whole experience a fun one.

Ink Blots
This is a ‘low mess’ painting project provided you supervise it well!

a sheet of paper in half and then open it like a book. Get your child
to drop one or two drops of paint onto the sheet and refold. When you
re-open the paper you can see the interesting patterns that have been
created. Further interest can be added by using contrasting colors.

The object of this activity is to learn about the properties of paint.
a shiny paper and a small brush, drop small blobs of paint onto the
surface. Tilt up the paper so that the paint runs down, with some being
absorbed on the way.

Blow Paintings
Another activity to experiment with the properties of paint.
a blob of paint on the paper and using a straw, blow the paint around
the page. You will need fairly thin paint so that it moves well around
the page. Supervision will be required for younger children to make sure
they don’t suck paint through the straw.

Hands and Feet
Better as an outside activity, particularly when doing footprints.
can put the paint into cups, for dipping fingers into, or use flat
trays for whole hands and feet. Show the children how to use their fist
to make a shape (a head or the centre of a flower) and then the side of
their hand to complete it (being limbs or petals).
For footprints
you will need a length of paper, weighted along the edges, for the
children to walk along. It can be pretty messy but your kids will
absolutely love it!

Sand Pictures
This project gives a more permanent result than normal sand activities.
You’ll need- Plastic containers, fine beach sand, powder paints to add to sand.

a picture on a large sheet of paper. Apply PVA glue on one section at a
time and sprinkle on different colour sands. Depending on the age of
your child they may need some assistance with the glueing. Shake off the
excess sand and the masterpiece just needs to dry.

More kids painting projects…

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