Make a Christingle

East Christmas Crafts – Germany

The Christingle is a traditional gift for children at Christmas in Germany. Churches often have special Christingle services where Christingles are given to all the children and carols are sung as the candles burn. 

Each part of the Christingle represents a part of the Christian story-

  • the orange– the world

  • the sweets and fruits– the good things that the earth provides- north, south, east and west

  • the red ribbon– forgiveness, even when Jesus was bleeding on the cross he forgave those who put him there

  • the candle– Jesus, who showed the world God’s love and light

You’ll Need

An Orange
Double Sided-Tape
Red Ribbon
4 Cocktail Sticks
Sweets and Dried Fruits
An Apple Corer
Kitchen Foil
A White Candle

make a christingle

The ‘Christingle’ – traditional German Christmas gift for children and also an easy Christmas craft activity.

Wrap the double sided tape around the middle of the orange and stick the ribbon over the top. Tie a small knot to hold the ribbon in place and trim the ends. Use the apple corer to make a hole at the top of the orange for the candle to sit in. Skewer 3-4 sweets and fruits onto each cocktail stick and arrange them evenly around the hole to represent north, south, east and west. Wrap foil around the bottom of the candle and push it firmly into place.

Voila one Christingle! All you need now are some caroling children.

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