Christmas Game – Traditional and Family Friendly

Traditional and Family Friendly Activities

If your kids need entertaining then the a Christmas Game can be as traditional as Charades or Musical Chairs, or if you fancy a special Christmas party game for the kids, try a Snowball Race or Santa’s Visit. Some of these Xmas games are twists on what are known as traditional Parlour Games


Charades is a traditional parlour game that is played by many families at Christmas time. You’ll find the ‘rules’ for the game are on the Indoor Party games page, as are some other indoor games that could be easily adapted to a Christmas theme. 

Musical Chairs
Another traditional game, that can be played at kids parties or amongst families. 

You’ll need
-A chair for every player
-Room to arrange the chairs in a circle (with space between)
-Christmas Music

The game starts with all players standing behind a chair. As the music starts the players walk around in a circle. One of the chairs is removed with each round, so when the music stops and it is time to sit down, one player is without a seat.This player is out. And so the game continues, until the last two players have to race to sit the final chair.

Pass the Parcel
To play Christmas Pass the Parcel 

You’ll need
-Christmas treats- candy canes, chocolate santas, themed pens, etc, enough so that no child misses out!
-plenty of newspaper/wrapping paper.

Pass the Parcel needs Christmas tunes to play while the parcel gets passed around a circle. When the music stops, the child gets to take off one layer of wrapping. The game continues until the very last layer of wrapping is removed and the prize revealed!

**There are several ways to play this game. We often have a bounty for the main winner, but then small prizes wrapped within the layers. This means everyone can win a prize as the game is being played.

The other way to play is to put all the prizes into a little box and wrap in lots of layers of paper. Once the prize is won, the winner can then share out the prizes amongst the group.

Santa’s Visit
The children sit in a circle and takes turns in saying…

‘I’m getting ready with Santa for his visit and we’re bringing (something beginning with A)’.

The game continues through the alphabet, and can keep being played until the kids have had enough!!

Snowball Race
The Snowball Race works likes any relay, but for this Christmas game

You’ll need for each player

-a spoon
-polstyrene ball

Each racer has to put on the mittens, balance the ‘snowball’ and race to the end where they drop their snowball in a container or bucket, and then race back to the start. First team to get all players back wins!

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