Creative Valentine’s Ideas

Unique Valentine gifts for Kids to make

This year try out some creative Valentine’s ideas. We’ve got loads of fun for kids or parents, wanting to create that special something for the one that they love!

There are loads of ways to give a unique valentine gift, especially if you are on a budget, it forces you to be creative when otherwise you would end up at the florist buying a bunch of flowers again!

Most of the following gift ideas are easy to do, but just require a bit more of your time (and love!).

Low cost Valentine Gift ideas 

For some of these ideas, the kids will need some adult help (especially any that involve candles or matches), but others. depending on their age, they can manage on their own.

  • make your Valentine their favorite meal
  • breakfast in bed
  • cut flowers from your own garden
  • make your Valentine’s Day a scavenger hunt for an array of little goodies that you have made or bought
  • light up your entire house with candles
  • write a unique Valentine’s poem, you can even print off one of our Valentine’s printables to make a personalized Valentine card
  • decorate your house for Valentine’s Day (or night) with balloons, streamers and colored light globes

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