Kids Valentines Crafts

Sweet Treats and Easy Crafts

If your kids like getting into the Valentine’s spirit with crafty creations for mom or dad, or even a little something for their own ‘special friend’ then we’ve got some quick and fun kids Valentines crafts that you can undertake together.

Making a Kids Valentine’s Day Card

Kids love getting into the mood of Valentine’s day, even if it’s simply to make mom and dad each a Valentine’s day card. All you need is some card stock that you can cut and fold into the shape of a card and your kids will work out the rest.

Ideas for Kids Valentine Cards

There are loads of printable Valentine ideas, but love hearts are simple to draw so why not make your own card from scratch.

All you’ll need to do is decide how to dress it up, here are some options: –

  • There are loads of lovely 3D stickers with hearts, teddies and all subjects related to love.
  • Buy a simple heart shaped lollypop or chocolate and glue/stick it to your Valentine’s card. Or find other sweet treats that you can use to make your Valentine’s card truly sweet. (Preferably sweets that are reasonable flat so they will slide into an envelope when stuck to your card!)
  • Glitter pens, sparkles and even magic pens that write a secret message are all easy to find at your local craft store.

Simple Kids Valentine Craft

If your kids are capable with a needle and thread they can make a sweet felt love heart which will only take about 1/2 hour to make. 

You’ll Need

  • Small pieces of felt – in colors of your choice
  • wool, cushion wadding or similar for stuffing
  • Contrasting thread
  • Sequins, beads, buttons, or contrasting material for decoration
kids Valentine craft - make a felt love heart

Simply cut out two heart shapes. Use decorations to sew some contrasting detail onto the front piece.

Once you have finished this use contrasting thread to stitch the two heart pieces together. Your kids can do a blanket stitch if they know how to, otherwise a simple dolphin stitch is good too, and gives them good practice in doing stitches that are similar in size.

Once you are 3/4 of the way done, use some of the wadding to give your heart some ‘body’. Then finish the stitching – and your love heart os all done! 

Only after making this one, did we think of adding some dried lavender in with the stuffing, would make these lovely little lavender bags for drawers. 

**TIP – A homemade gift or craft tells your Valentine much more about you, and that you are willing to put your time and love into creating something special from the heart!

Creative Valentine’s Boxes

A sweet way to give a Valentine’s gift is to decorate a trinket box in which the gift or love-note can be placed. It is a simple craft idea that will take less than hour.

What You’ll Need
Cardboard heart-shaped box
Poster Paint
Jewels and gems preferably in heart shapes
Craft/white glue

Paint your box in the color of your choice and give it enough time to dry before gluing on you jewels, gems, or special items to make the box a special to your Valentine. Once dry you can now place your special gift inside!

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

What better way to make a Valentine statement than with yummy chocolate hearts, in Valentine colors of course. This activity is suited to 7-8 year olds and above because of the hot chocolate, and be sure to supervise them closely to avoid any mishaps.

You’ll Need
White and brown chocolate melts
Red food coloring
Plastic Heart chocolate mold

Melt the chocolate either over a double saucepan or in your microwave. Set aside a a portion of the white melts and add enough red food coloring to give a good shade of red, or you can even make pink too!

Carefully pour the different colored chocolate into the moulds and place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to set. be sure to keep some chocolate aside to decorating. Once you pop the chocolates out of the moulds they can be decorated with pink/red/white drizzles using the teaspoons.

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