Who is the Easter Bilby?

Who is The Easter Bilby?

The Easter Bilby, is the chief helper to the Easter Bunny in Australia.

Because wild rabbits are known as a pest in Australia, and cause major problems for farmers in Australia, the Easter Bilby is thus recognized around Australia as being an Easter mascot.

Help save the Easter Bilby form extinction.

So What’s a Bilby?

A bilby is a marsupial, like many Australian mammals. It belongs to the bandicoot family, but as you can see it rabbit-like in appearance.

Due to diminishing habitats it is estimated that there are only about 600 bilbies left living wild in Australia.

In an effort to save the bilby,

chocolate bilbies
can be purchased, in lieu of chocolate bunnies. Monies raised go towards saving the bilby.

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