Easter Games and Activities

Traditional Easter Fun and Frolicking!

Many of the following simple Easter games and activities have been played for hundreds of years and have changed little in that time.

Most of the games are played outdoors on a lawn or similar but can be adapted to an indoors area if the weather is wet. Go stock up on some eggs and you’re good to go!

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Egg and Spoon Race
A fun team game for Easter celebrations, or any big party. An Egg and Spoon Race can be played as a relay, or alternatively with each player just running one length of the course on their own to determine a winner.

You’ll Need
Spoons (two for each team)
Hard Boiled Eggs
Length of grass for the race
Markers/Flags for finish line

Divide the group into teams and establish a start and finish line.
The front runner in each team places the egg on the spoon and, when the starter says, “Go!”, runs the length of the course and back and passes the egg to the next runner without dropping the egg. If the egg (or spoon) is dropped then that member of the team must restart their leg of the race.
The winning team is the quickest to have all members to complete the course.

**TIP- You can make your Egg and Spoon Race more exciting (and messy) by using raw eggs instead of boiled.

Bunny Hop

A great way for all your little bunnies to burn off some of that Easter excitement!

You’ll Need
A length of grass
Flags or markers
A mob of excited little bunnies!

Like a traditional race except the ‘bunnies’ have to hop their way to the finish line. Again this race can be run by individual team members or as a relay.

Easter Egg Hunt
A traditional activity for Easter Sunday morning where children search to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny has hidden while they were asleep.

You’ll Need
Plenty of Easter Eggs (best to count how many are hidden!)
A basket for each child playing

The searching might extend from outdoors areas to inside the house as well. The winner is the child who finds the most eggs. With a little help from parents (or kind siblings) hopefully an even spread of the eggs will end up in each child’s basket.
Easter egg hunts can also form part of a community’s celebration of the Easter holidays. The eggs are hidden in parks and gardens and the children (and adults) of the community are invited to find the eggs.

Easter Egg Roll
The traditional Easter Egg Roll seems to have many different variations, but in essence is the rolling of eggs down a hill to see whos egg rolls the furthest. The most famous Egg Rolling Competition is held on the lawns of the White House each year on Easter Monday.

You’ll Need
Lawn/slight hill for rolling
Boiled Egg for each player

The eggs are usually dyed or colored so that each players egg can be distinguished from others. If playing an Egg Rolling Game on a flat surface there are several variations to the rules. The game can be played with players pushing their eggs to the finish line using only their nose after the initial throw. Alternatively, players can each be supplied with a length of bamboo with which to push their egg along to the finish line.

**Did You Know?– Traditionally the eggs were eaten at the completion of the race!

Egg Shackling
Another Eggy activity for Easter this one is a little more raucous than most other Easter games but the kids will love it!

You’ll Need
Hard Boiled Eggs-one for each player

Each player meets their opponent, grasping their egg firmly and hitting the other person’s egg in an attempt to crack their egg while keeping their own intact. The winner of each round keeps the broken egg for himself, thus the overall winner takes home a bag full of eggs after winning successive rounds!

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