Easter Gift Basket

Simple Spring Basket

In preparation for Easter we made these lovely Easter gift baskets. They were quite simple containing some chocolate eggs, some Spring blooms and some dyed eggs which we turned into chicks. 

Making the eggs into chicks was dead easy and really made the Easter gift basket special. Here’s how…

make an easy easter gift basket

Easter Gift Basket – Easter Chicks

You’ll need
Dyed Eggs– in colors of your choice
Colored Paper (or you can get your kids to color in some paper)
White Glue
Permanent fine tipped marker
Small Cane/Wicker Baskets

I have drawn shapes as a guide but you will find that even some pretty strange shapes for wings will still give you chick-like results! We started out using colored paper but my daughter was intent on coloring in her wings and tail and I think it gives a more interesting result anyway.

Start by drawing on the eyes with the marker and gluing on the beak. It will need a few minutes to dry before you try to attach the wings or tail. Decorate the wings and tail and cut them out. Fold along the dotted line and glue onto your chick.
Ta da! – all finished. Now all your chicks need are a cosy bed to lie in and some friends to keep them company in their Easter Gift Basket, chocolate or otherwise!

**TIP- You could also add a fluffy rabbit, chick or other small toy to the Easter Gift Basket if it was for a child.

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