Elmo Birthday Cake

Elmo Birthday Cake

by Sarah Costello

(Berkeley, CA USA)

1 year old Elmo Birthday Cake

1 year old Elmo Birthday Cake

Basic white cake i got from school
You add all your dry ingrediants….
baking soda and powder

Then you add all you wet ingrediants…
vanilla extract

Combined the dry to the wet and place in a cake pan lined with parchment paper and bake it at 350 for 60 mins or when a tooth pick comes out clean.

Once the 2 cakes was done and cooled i cut each cake into 3 layers and filled each layer with buttercream frost and added strawberry and banana pieces on top.

once they were filled i frost both cakes with butter cream and layered them with rolled out marshmallow fondant. first i had to color each one blue and yellow
by folding food dye into the fondant.
i colored all the rest of the little cut outs that are the ABCS and clouds and trees and stuck them on the cake with a damped paint brush of water.
With the marshmallow fondant i molded the Elmo head and stuck him on top of the cake.

Marshmallow cake was made out of mashmallows melted and powdered sugar mixed into it to get a dough texture.

The butter cream was made of egg whites and sugar melted over a bain maire and mixed into a merginue then added butter.

Its A YUMMY White cake with buttercream/banana/strawberry filling. Frosted with buttercream as well. Has Marshmallow fondant and everything is eatible but the crayons and 4 little statues.

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by: Elizabeth

I love your original Elmo cake! It turned out beautifully and gave me hope that my already made red fondant is not going to go to waste (since my child decided Elmo was better than Lightning McQueen).

I like your use of the little statues & crayons too, which saved a ton of time I’m sure.

best elmo cake ive seen in a while

by: Anonymous

This cake is so GREAT! it looks like there was a lot of hard work put into it with the colors and elmo himself.

Bright 1st Birthday Cake

by: Kate

I just love the bright colors of this cute Elmo Cake.

Great cake for one year olds, who just love Elmo and Sesame Street!

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