Buying a Kids Sandbox

Shapes, Sizes and Prices, everything you need to know..

Are you thinking about purchasing a sandbox / sandpit for your kids this season? There are almost unlimited choices when it comes to shapes, designs and colors and prices range considerably between materials. Our aim is to inform you of the pros and cons of what’s out there and some handy tips to keep your kids, and your new piece of play equipment, safe and clean.

toddler playing in a clamshell sandbox / sandpit

Playing in a sand box is the perfect outdoor activity for children of anywhere from 1 to 10 years of age. Depending on their age and skill, each child can experience sand in a different way.

Sand has such unique properties, being fine and slippery when dry, firm and moldable when damp, and sloppy when wet. Kids can dig it, pour it, mold it and all around have a good time whatever its properties. Owning a sandbox / sandpit and providing a few essential props ensures your kids will always have outdoors entertainment.

What to consider when buying your first sandbox…

Three main issues will determine the type you purchase…

How many kids?

How many children will be playing and what ages are they- ie- how big does it need to be? Even if you only have one child, there will always be friends who will want to play aswell.

How Much Room?

How big is your yard? Will it accommodate a sandpit attached to larger play equipment or are you better suited to a smaller plastic model that is easier to store and get rid of once your children grow out of it.

Your Budget?

Prices vary from about $50 anywhere up to $1000 for models that are included as a part of an outdoor play set. If you have a preference for timber, then they tend to be more expensive, but are visually more appealing. If you go for a smaller plastic model like those for a 1-2 year old, it might fit in a standard car to bring home.

Larger kids sandboxes/playsets may require delivery. Keep in mind how much sand you will need to purchase as this definitely is not included in the price!

Types of Kids Sandboxes

Which sand to buy?

Be sure to use playground sand, it’s a cleaner sand and is more like what you would find at the beach.

The sand should be a minimum of 6-inches deep, but no more than 8-inches deep. Avoid builders sand (it is darker yellow/orange in color) it will stain clothes and skin.

**TIP- Before using the sandbox, rub some talcum powder on exposed skin, it will make brushing off any sand much easier when your kids are ready to come indoors. After outdoor sand play, use a soft brush to remove any sand particles from children’s clothes before they go back inside. Keep a mat by the door to reduce the amount of sand that is tracked indoors.

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