First Birthday Farm Animals

First Birthday Farm Animals

by Cassie Mullins

(Mount Vernon, KY)

First Birthday Farm Animals

First Birthday Farm Animals

First Birthday Farm Animals

Front of farm animals cake

Pig rolling in chocolate mud


This is my first cake with more than one layer. I am self taught and by no means a professional, but I love to make cakes for my friends and family. This is the best cake I’ve ever managed to pull off. Everyone loved it!

For all of the cakes I used boxed yellow cake mix and added one box of vanilla pudding to the mix for each cake, then simply followed the box instructions to bake the cake. The icing is all store bought as well. This cake took 2 13×9 cakes and 4 8″ round cakes. For the base I leveled the 13×9 cakes and stacked them. I then iced the cake with light green vanilla icing. I used a butter knife to pull up small curled points all over the icing to add texture for “grass”. For the second layer I stacked the 2 8″ cakes after leveling them and iced them with light blue icing. I used a butter knife to swirl the icing around to make “wind” and “sky”. The very top is also two staked 8″ cakes, but I cut off about 4″ from the edges. I iced it with a thin layer of white icing and then used a large round tip to make icing “clouds”. I used the same method to make the icing clouds on the second layer of the cake.

The rest of the decoration is all store bought fondant. The fence was made from rolled fondant cut into small strips, about five or six should be shaped with a point at the top for posts and about 12 for planks. More or less depending on how long your make them. I used a sharp knife to cut think lines along the front of the “planks” and “posts” to make the grain in the wood. I used a paint brush to paint brown food coloring mixed with water to create the wood color. With to much icing coloring this will stay sticky and stain clothes so be careful. I simply stuck these on the side of the second layer of the cake in the fence design with extra icing. Make sure they are thin enough so the weight doesn’t cause them to fall off.

All of the animals are also made from fondant. I shaped the animals from the fondant just like shaping play dough. Different sized rolled balls make each animal’s head and body. Limbs can be made by rolling fondant into a log shape and bending them or shaping them differently for each animal. After making the animals the colors are painted on with icing coloring. But this will stain anything! Clothes, kids, table, floor, etc. I recommend either coloring the actual fondant by kneading in the coloring or buying edible markers and drawing on the fondant instead. This can be easier than painting. Then I placed all the animals on the cake. The lamb has icing wool made from a star icing tip, but I also think small balls of fondant or iced balls from a round tip would look great. The pig is rolling in chocolate “mud” that I put on the cake with a round icing tip and the horse’s mane and tail is also chocolate icing put on with a small round tip.

The name is cut by hand from rolled fondant and colored in the same way as the animals. Alphabet cookie cutters could be used to cut them out or a stencil. They are put on the cake with icing. The one on top is shaped by hand from fondant and painted the same way as the animals and name. After shaping and painting I put it on a long dowel rod and stuck it into the cake. About 4 other dowel rods are stuck through the cake for stability, along with some smaller dowel rods in the bottom layer. Add some tall grass around the fence and name with leftover green icing and a small round tip. It took a lot of time, but buying everything from the store instead of making it all at home allowed me to have more time to spend on decorating!

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