Free Baby Games

Free Baby Games 6-12 Months

From a Baby to a Social Little Person

Between the ages of 6 to 12 months your baby will become involved in more and more games with you. A huge array of free baby games are available, all helping your baby to develop socially, verbally and in terms of mobility.
There will be many first milestones so make sure you have a camera or video camera at the ready.

You will gain more of an insight into your baby’s personality as he starts showing his sense of humour, and his strong will! 🙂
He loves being affectionate with you and playing clapping and singing games and other social games. You will see him grow into a social little person, rather than a baby.

Her ability to pick up objects will mature as she develops fine motor skills and stronger hands and wrists. With this skill she will enjoy a whole range of new physical activities and games as well as being able to feed herself for the first time.

The very best of the free baby games that you can involve your baby in will be reading and stories. He will love story time, the whole experience of turning the pages, hearing the words and seeing the bright and bold pictures stimulates all of his senses as well as his imagination as he grows. Find my best baby books and creative storytelling ideas.


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