Baby Development

Social and Language Skills

will see great leaps in baby development in terms of social interaction
and language in this period.

Your baby now knows his name and will
spend time trying more and more sounds and syllables which will
culminate in his first word. Your baby is completely devoted to you and
starts to miss you when you leave.

Lots of praise and affection help
your baby to know that he is loved even if you can’t be with him all the

baby development 6 -12 months

Missing You
around 7-8 months babies realise that you exist when you are away from
them. This means that they miss you when you are not around and may like
the comfort of a teddy or blanket for comfort.
Comfort objects have
been shown to be of benefit to children right up to 10 years old. As
well as providing comfort they can help to give them confidence.

If you are starting your baby at creche, considering leaving her with a
carer, or going on a holiday then try to avoid doing so between 30-38
weeks. This is the time when babies can be afraid of strangers and can
become anxious even in familiar surrounds. Babies can be quite clingy at
this age- it is normal and will pass.

First Words
9 months your baby is understanding more of what you say and is trying
to pronounce her first words. She will spend a great deal of time
pointing to objects to get your attention until she gains a better grasp
of language. When your baby is babbling to you, talk back. If you think
you know what she is trying to say then verbalise it for her to keep
encouraging her to find the words for herself. Most babies say their
first words with meaning at around 11-12 months.

Sing Song
plenty of time singing rhymes and songs. Baby development studies have
shown that babies who are talked and sung to will generally have a
better grasp of language as a toddler, giving them a better grounding
for school and adulthood. Your baby will also love clapping games like
‘Pat-a-cake’ and games of anticipation like ‘This little piggy’ or
‘Round and round the garden’.

Playing With Other Kids
6-12 months of age you will see a leap in baby development. As a
newborn your baby was only interested in faces, toys and his own feet
and hands. Now your baby will love being with other children. If you
have older siblings you will see the delight they get from each other.
Spending time in the company of other children helps your baby to learn
important social skills and helps him become his own person away from

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