Free Thanksgiving Crafts

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving is a great time for kids to express some creativity, and
crafts are a great way to get them into the Thanksgiving spirit!

Thanksgiving kids craft ideas are easy to make and can be used as
Thanksgiving decorations or party favors for your Thanksgiving

We’ve got more Thanksgiving craft ideas for toddlers too!

thanksgiving turkey - simple and free thanksgiving crafts for kids

Lovely Turkey Collages

What you’ll need-

Card Stock
Colored construction paper (fall colors)
Feathers and other decorations to finish!

Use our free special template of a turkeys body
and print it out onto card stock. (If the card stock is not colored
already, have your child color the body.) Use the construction paper and
trace your child’s hand onto each sheet of paper.

Once the hands
have been traced and cut, glue the handprints onto the turkey, leaving
the fingers unstuck, to look like tail feathers. Finally, finish with
feathers or other decorations.

Display all of the turkeys during
the holiday. The turkeys make really cute decorations and it’s a great
way to show how much your child has grown over the years.

Another idea that is fun for the kids to do when making a turkey is to
use different colored leaves instead of handprints. The leaves make nice
tail feathers and the more the better.

Cardboard Pilgrims

Save toilet paper or paper towel rolls for this craft.

What you’ll need-

Toilet rolls, papaer towel rolls
Black construction paper
White Construction Paper
Other Construction Paper for Skin, Buckles etc

If using a paper towel roll, cut in half or thirds. Wrap with black
construction paper; this is the pilgrim’s base. Now cut additional
features from colored paper, such as face, arms and hands, a white bib
and a black pilgrim’s hat (don’t forget the buckle!). Finish with
details drawn in marker or crayon.

Make a whole Pilgrim family to
grace your table. You can even attach place cards to them and put next
to table settings at your Thanksgiving dinner!

Unique Thanksgiving T-Shirts

Thanksgiving crafts can be created as Christmas presents from the kids
for your other family members. It’s great for older kids to have
something to give all the family come that time of year.

What you’ll need-

Plain white t-shirts in the sizes of what ever family member the gift is for
Fabric paint (in fall colors)
Paper plates for the paint
Some type of cardboard to line inside the shirt, to keep the paint from seeping through to the other side.

Let your kids decide what to paint but generally we go with either a turkey or a fall colored tree.

can either use stencils or just draw the outline of a tree for them and
let them just paint the spots of colors for the leaves all over the top
of the tree. It actually looks very pretty because of the combination
of colors.

You can also let the child dip their hand in paint and
make a turkey hand as well. It’s very cute and you can remember how
small their hands were. The family loved their gifts last year and the
children loved that they loved it.

Unique Thanksgiving Tablecloth

What you’ll need-

Inexpensive tablecloth (white works best)
Fabric paint – fall colors
Leaves or other materials appropriate for Thanksgiving to use as stencils or stamps
Permanent markers

the tablecloth out flat and allow the children to dip the
stencils/stamps in the paint and create a border around the cloth. In
the center of the cloth, let the children write what they are thankful
for. If this is a family project, use the tablecloth each year and add a
new reason to be thankful for and the year. It’s a great way to
preserve memories, reflect, and observe growth in your children and
yourself. A hand stamp adds to the growth concept as well.

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