Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts

Free and Easy Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers love getting mucky and messy, so here’s some fun preschool
Thanksgiving crafts that they will adore!! Or if all that mess scares
you, then maybe just some fun
free Thanksgiving printables are just the thing which only require some crayons or pencils!

Whether their preference is for painting, coloring or cutting and pasting, we’ve got a range of Thanksgiving crafts- and more free Thanksgiving craft ideas for older kids too!

All of our free Thanksgiving graphics are in the Printables Gallery for you to print off at your convenience!

hand print turkeys - great preschool Thanksgiving crafts

Hand-Print Turkeys

What You’ll Need-
Colored Paint
Paper Plates
Construction Paper

a small amount of paint in a plate and have the child dip their hand in
until the paint thinly covers the palm and fingers. Then, keeping the
fingers spread out, make a print on construction paper.

Take a
pen or thin marker, or help your child using a fine paintbrush and add
features to the thumb to make it into the turkey’s head — a beak, comb
and wattle. The palm is the body, so all you need to do is draw turkey
feet on the bottom.

**TIP– If your kids are patient, you
can paint different colored fingers to give a lovely effect (see above).
We did a few of these each, and the kids loved the different turkey
that was created each time as we used different colors!

Mushy Pumpkin Fun

What you’ll need-
A pumpkin or canned pumpkin
Cinnamon sticks
Easy to clean surface

everything onto the surface where you’ll be playing and let them have
fun. It’s that simple. Young children and preschoolers can do this for
hours. Allow them to really explore the goopy mess with their hands,
let them taste it, squish it in their hands to hear the sounds and
definitely smell it.

And alternative to this is to give them
paint, paper and the cinnamon sticks and let them use the cinnamon
sticks to paint a Thanksgiving themed picture. Using the cinnamon
sticks allows the pictures to take on a great scent, especially if done
in a room with several projects hanging.

Turkey Collage

What you’ll need-
Fall Leaves
Plastic bag
Turkey shape (or other shape appropriate for Thanksgiving)- See Thanksgiving Printables

leaves in a plastic bag. While the leaves are in the bag, allow the
child(ren) to pass the bag around and try to crumble each leave into
tiny pieces. Once the leaves are crushed, let the children fill the
turkey shape in with glue and drop the crushed leaves on. They can also
use a little bit of paint to fill in the features of the turkey if

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