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halloween party game

Find a mix of messy and gooey Halloween party game ideas for all ages. Choose them based on whether they’re racing games, team games or perhaps something gooey or just plain fun.

There’s a game to suit whatever style of Halloween party you are having. Throw in some Halloween Party Crafts and a few ghost stories and you’ve got the perfect Halloween party!

Choose a Game – Gooey, Team or Fun!

Autopsy- Gooey!
is a Halloween party game for slightly older kids but the younger ones
usually join in once they see the older ones laughing.

an outline of a body on the ground and place various fruits and veggies
within the outline to simulate body parts. We then place a very large
black plastic bag over the outline and cut hand-size holes in it to
allow the kids to feel the “body parts”. You can use almost anything for
the parts. Try cauliflower for the brain, a peeled tomato for the
heart, cooked cold spaghetti for the guts, carrots and celery for bones,
olives for eyes, and so on- let your kids’ imagination run wild!

Guess What – Gooey!
a number of saucers containing different distinctive foods, such as
tomato sauce, curry powder, chocolate, lemon, passionfruit pulp.
Blindfold all the children and lead them to the table one by one. Ask
them to identify the foods by smell or feel. Those who have had their
turn can watch the others but cannot call out the answers. The game can
also be played by taste, just make sure the food is edible but
potentially ‘disgusting’ like tinned spaghetti, whipped cream or jelly

Pin The Wart on the Witch- Fun
the party, on a large piece of poster board (you need room to miss)
draw a “life-sized” picture of a witch, with a big nose. Have a large
flat area to hang the poster. Give the kids gum, and let them chew for a
couple of minutes. Select one child at a time, blind fold, and spin
them around. Instruct them to take the gum out of their mouth, and
stick it to the end of the witch’s nose.
Anyone who gets their gum on
the nose, wins a small prize. Whoever gets it closest to the tip, gets
a special prize. A gag prize is given to whoever misses the furthest.
(Don’t tell this ahead, there will be gum all over your walls!)

Halloween Fishing – Racing/Team
two aluminum cake or pie pans. Place 5 or more marbles in each pan.
Cover with equal amounts of ice cubes in each pan. Two players then
remove their shoes and socks and race to try and get the marbles out of
each pan using only their toes!
Anyone who spills the ice or knocks
over their pan is out. The first to get all the marbles out of the pan
wins. You can also make this a relay by having an adult put the marbles
back each time. This is really funny with the kids all screaming because
it’s so cold!

Make A Monster- Racing/Team
Divide the group into teams of 4,5 or 6 (depending on number present) and make sure each group has there own space to work in.
each group several articles of clothing and objects (old shirt, paper
towel roll, ball of yarn, tin foil, apple, popsicle sticks, leaves,
spoon, lamp shade etc.). Use as many or as little as you want.
On the
signal the teams must create their own Halloween monster using ALL of
the objects. Some teams have even used themselves in this creation. Give
out prizes to the teams who finished fastest, the best monster, the
scariest monster, the weirdest monster etc.

halloween pumpki

Pumpkinhead – Racing
Similar to an egg and spoon race but with pumpkins!
some medium sized pumpkins (larger or smaller depending on the size of
the people). Each person puts a pumpkin on their head and when the
whistle is blown, has to walk (or run) toward the finish line. Whoever
makes it there first without their pumpkin falling off their head wins.
If the pumpkin falls off even once, the person is disqualified.

Pumpkin Toss- Team
Similar to egg tossing but again with pumpkins!
a small pumpkin for each pair of players. The two people toss the
pumpkin back and forth to each other, each time taking another step back
away from each other.
The pair who wins are the ones who last the longest without dropping their pumpkin.

Who Are You? – Fun
This is a great Halloween party game for older kids and is similar to Blind Mans Bluff.
person is blindfolded and given a wooden spoon in each hand. The person
is spun around a few times while everyone moves about the room.
everyone must freeze. The blindfolded person then tries to find
someone. When he does he then feels the shape of the person who is
caught using only the spoons. This is very hard but having costumes on
help cause you may feel a hat or can tell the person has on a long cape,
etc. It is quite funny as the person with the spoons has no idea where
he or she might be poking the person. The person has three (3) guesses
to figure out who he has caught. If he guesses right, then the other
person is IT.

Scarecrow- Team/Racing
A similar Halloween party game to Make a Monster but this time one person is chosen to be the scarecrow.
team is given a bag of old clothes (shirt, overalls, gloves, oversized
boots or shoes, hat, etc). The game runs as a relay, each person takes a
turn reaching into the bag filled with old clothes, chooses an item and
then runs it down the scarecrow being decorated. As soon as the
scarecrow has the article of clothing completely on, that person runs
back to tag the next person to grab in the bag to decorate the
scarecrow. The first team to have all the articles of clothing on the
scarecrow is the winner.

Spider Web – Fun
This game always reminds me of the fun we used to have playing Twister!
an enclosed area, take numerous, separate and very long pieces of yarn
to create a giant spider web. Put a piece of tape on the beginning of
each piece and tie a number to the end. Criss cross the pieces of yarn
throughout the room to create a “web.”
Each child grabs a taped end
of yarn and follows it around the room, rolling as they go, until the
end is found. Each number corresponds to a special prize or treat. The
kids will have fun working there way through the web and trying to stay

Witches Broomstick – Musical
A musical Halloween party game for the kids to sing. The song to sing or chant goes like this:

Pass the witches’ broom stick all around the room,
While the music’s playing quickly pass the broom,
Anyone is out who lets the broomstick drop,
Or the one who has it when the music stops!

children stand in a circle, and while they sing the chant a broomstick
is passed very quickly around the circle. If the broomstick is dropped
that person is out, and whoever has the broomstick on the word ‘out’ at
the end of the chant is out of the game. You can either send the person
is out to the middle of the circle for just the next round of the game,
or you play elimination until only one person is left.

Worms In A Pie – Gooey
This Halloween party game is great for all ages but may need to be played on an easily cleanable surface.
need some pie tins (1 for each person playing), gummy worms, and cool
whip. Put the same amount of worms in each pie tin and cover with cool
Blind fold each player. Each player dips in to the pie with
their mouths, trying to pull out as many worms as they can. You can
either have a time limit and see who can pull out the most worms, or
just set a certain amount of worms to find. The person with the most
worms at the end of the game wins. This game can get quite messy, but
it’s fun for the people playing as well as for the people watching!

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