Infant Sign Language

Simple Signing You Can Teach Your Baby

baby signing - eat or more food

So how does infant sign language differ from sign language for adults?

Teaching babies and toddlers sign language differs to teaching adults,
because we are not teaching them the sign language alphabet, but instead
a relevant group of signs that will help our baby to communicate with
us. See the sign pictured left- more food, or eat – a simple movement of the hand to the mouth.

You may be worried about not having any experience with sign language
for babies yourself.


You will soon see that the first signs are
probably ones that you already know and use. Signing is just like
teaching your baby colors and shapes, but the benefit of learning sign
language is that it can reduce the frustration of both you and your

There are a huge number of baby sign language books and DVDs available or you can also use an online dictionary for signing to find a word that you want to learn.

You really only need to work with somewhere between 6-12 main words so that your child can indicate when he/she is hungry, thirsty, or a few other simple requests. You may well find that signing is so much fun, that you want to learn more!

Recommended ASL Online Dictionaries

Click on one of the following links to open a new window to learn some simple sign language, or check out our online journal as our toddler learns some basic signs.

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ASL Pro Online and Video Dictionary

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