Buying a Toddler Sandbox

Small sandboxes to keep your toddler happy

Toddler sandboxes are available in many different designs- clamshells, lady bugs, as well as natural brick and timber effects.

Smaller models usually come with good fitting lids that come as part of purchase price, for an easy clean up- just put on the lid.

toddler sandbox - clamshell

A lid will also act to keep out pets and local wildlife who will tend to want to use the sandbox as a litter tray! (Always worth getting a cover for your sandbox if it doesn’t come complete with its own lid/cover.)

If you live in a warm climate over time the cheaper models can fade in the sun and crack due to sun and weather exposure but they are portable, so if you are moving house you can take them with you.

Small to medium sized timber sandboxes are also available, but they tend to be less portable. Some come with built in shades, great if you live in a hotter climate.

Prices range depending on the size and quality- generally from $50-$400.

Sandboxes for Toddlers

The backyard sandbox corners double as convenient seating. Unit comes with a mesh cover for when sandbox is not in use. Large enough that multiple children can play at once. Reinforced wooden panels prevent warping and weathering. Sturdy Construction.