Little Horse Cupcakes

Little Horse Cupcakes

by Veronica

(Imperial, CA)

Birthday Horse Cupcakes!

Birthday Horse Cupcakes!

To make these adorable Little Horsey Cupcakes you will need:

-Circus peanuts
-Cake Icing (various colors)
-Multi colored sprinkles
-Wafer cookies

Bake your cupcakes like usual according to box. After frosting your cupcakes take wafer cookies and make a diagonal cut from bottom corner upwards. (This will be the neck of the horse). Stick wafers inside cupcakes to desired depth. A good depth would be about 1/2 inch deep.

Next, cut one side of peanut (where it bubbles) on bottom side so it will fit nicely on frosting. You may skip this part but if you do the cut it will last longer on the frosting. Add frosting to top neck (diagonal cut part) of wafer using a decorating tube or snipped corner of plastic bag. Quickly add peanut to frosted part and hold 10 seconds. Do this to all the cupcakes and then put them in freezer for 5 minutes.

Take them out and continue decorating. Dark chocolate frosting is good for adding the reins of horse, the hair, and eyes. White frosting is good for white hair and white tail and ears. You can be creative and add whatever colors for decorating the horse.

Next, get cross tied pretzels and cut the rounded portion of pretzel to stick inside cupcake as the tail of the horse. The rounded pretzel will make it appear as if the tail is high. Last add chocolate or vanilla sprinkles to frosting to make hair an tail look more real and fluffy.

Viola! Refrigerate those little cakes until ready to be served. Kids will adore them!

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Jul 15, 2009

Imaginative Pony Cupcakes

by: Brianna

These pony cupcakes are great!
The kids would have a great time playing ponies with these and not want to eat them.

Awesome idea!

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