Mary Poppins Themed Cake

Mary Poppins Themed Cake

by Scott

(Delaware, OH, USA)

Mary Poppins Cake

Mary Poppins Cake

My friend at work is a Mary Poppins freak so I made her a Mary Poppins birthday cake!

For her birthday, my office had a potluck and I agreed to make the cake! I went online and got pics of the Union Jack (British flag) and pics of Mary Poppins related stuff and printed them out.

Then I got a tub of white icing with red and blue food coloring and a vanilla cake mix. I simply made the cake according to directions. After it cooled completely, I iced it like the Union Jack and decorated it with Mary Poppins stuff.

I used the pic of the flag that I printed to figure out how to ice it–mixing the food coloring into the white icing until I was satisfied with the color results. She LOVED it!!!! I got a ton of compliments on this and it was super easy.

It would be great for any girl!! I made it for an adult, but any kid that likes Mary Poppins (and what kid doesn’t?) would enjoy this. Its also great for the budget minded and someone who may not be that great of a cook, since you just use a normal cake mix and icing from the store.

The only issue I had was that I was not really able to get the colors of the flag just right. Was supposed to be navy and red but turned out rather light. Still worked well though!

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Super Effort

by: Nicole

Great to see some guys getting into our contest!

Thanks Scott for a great looking cake, that is still straight-forward and easy to make.

Yes, you’re right- my kids certainly LOVE Mary Poppins!!

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