Online Baby Games

Websites Designed Especially for Babies and Toddlers

There are now quality baby
websites with online baby games for parents who want to introduce their
infants to computers. Are they too young? That needs to be your
decision as a parent to make.

Babies movements and fine-motor
skills are still developing so the online baby games you find encourage
use of the whole keyboard area. By ‘batting’ at the keyboard your baby
can understand the concept of cause and effect, as smiling creatures and
animations pop up before them.

Choosing the Right Baby Websites

online baby games

Your baby will not be
ready even to sit on your knee and watch the computer screen until at
least 7-8 months of age. Keep in mind that babies have short attention
span, so one or two games that last a minute or two may be enough.

websites especially for babies is important as they will respond to the
bold and simple graphics as well the music that has been designed
especially for them. Sites for older children potentially will have too
much detail and loud music that will not appeal to babies ears or eyes.

your baby has not shown any interest in your computer then you can
easily leave the baby online games until your child turns twelve or even
eighteen months old. Just like television it’s about finding a balance-
hours in front of a tv or computer screen are not beneficial to
infants, they would much prefer to interact with people or undertake
more physically challenging activities.

Skills that your infant can develop by playing online baby games include-

Rhythm– Listening to music
Anticipation– Simple rhymes and songs with a fun surprise at the end
Cause and Effect– Keyboard batting

Color Recognition– Bright objects and characters

found a limited number of quality sites that aim specifically at babies
and infants. The majority of websites for younger children are aimed at
preschool aged kids. So here are our top selections-

  • Fisher Price
    big site that divides its games between infants, toddlers and
    preschoolers. Games for babies are simple and short with bold graphics
    and quirky noises to keep your baby interested.
  • Knee Bouncers
    bubbles, choo choo trains and peek-a-boo are just some of the fun games
    you can play with your baby on this infant and toddler only website.
  • Toddle Toons
    colors and characters, Toddle Toons even has a ‘bye bye screen’ which
    you can set so that your baby knows when playtime is over.

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