Christmas Paper Chains

Christmas Paper Chains

Colorful and Super Easy Decorations

Paper chains are an easy and colorful way to decorate your home at Christmas and a great way to keep the kids busy! The linking of paper chains is said to represent the bringing together of people from all races and creeds at Christmas- a time of love and forgiveness.

Christmas paper chains- super cheap and easy Christmas decorating!

The best thing about paper chains is that you can use up scraps of brightly colored paper that you have around the house and not even have to buy a thing!

You’ll Need

Colored Paper
Ruler and Pencil
Sticky Tape or Glue

With a ruler and pencil draw strips 2cm/1in wide. Lay the ruler along each line and gently tear the strips. Alternatively you can cut the strips using scissors if your kids are able. Make a pile of strips in several colors.
To make the chain, take one strip and tape or glue it into a circle. Thread another strip through and loop that into a circle as well. Continue until you have a beautiful paper chain to hang over your mantle.

**TIP- You can further decorate your Christmas paper chain with glitter, stars or other Christmassy decorations.

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