Free Christmas Crafts for Kids

Craft Ideas for Simple Xmas Decorations

Free Christmas crafts can be used for gift-giving, decorating your house or Christmas tree or to just enjoy spending time doing some Xmas crafts with your kids this season. 

Christmas is celebrated in so many ways throughout the world, and there are a huge variety of cheap Christmas crafts to choose from.

We aim to bring you a selection from some of the many nations with their own special Christmas craft traditions as well as some cheap and cheerful ideas of our own.

Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids

We have a range of easy crafting for kids this Christmas, with projects being suitable for different ages. You can create Christmas craft projects for your own home or as special handmade gifts that your friends and relatives will love.

Younger kids will enjoy stringing some glittery beads or cutting out paper snowflakes

Another almost free Xmas craft uses pretzels! So effective, and the kids can paint to their hearts desire!

Older kids (6+) will enjoy making some simple handmade decorations using felt – we made trees, angels and sweet little birds.

The felt decorations can also be used to make a lovely Christmas garland to hang on your mantle.

How about some gorgeous sparkly Christmas baubles which can hang with pride of place in your Christmas window.

Christmas Crafts from Around the World

We are still slowly making our way through these unique Christmas crafts from different nations. A nativity scene is next on the list, but will take some time!

Christingle (Germany)- Many churches now hold special Christingle services where each child is presented with a Christingle- a specially decorated orange with a candle on top. Christingles are simple and fun to make at home, find out how…

Woven Hearts (Denmark)- A pretty woven heart basket made from colored paper is the perfect decoration for your tree or a way to give a special gift. Some colored card and a pair of scissors is all you need- these hearts are the perfect, almost free, Christmas craft!

First Star (Poland)- The first star of Christmas Eve, known as the gwiazdain Poland, is represented by a pretty golden star on a stick. Christmas carolers carry them in their travels from house to house.

Nativity Scene (Italy)- The Nativity- the story of the birth of Christ, is celebrated through Nativity plays in schools and through the creation of Nativity scenes in many homes. By spending time making a Nativity Scene you can create a family tradition of setting it up each year, with your children placing the characters in their positions.

Christmas Party Pinata (Mexico)- The lead up to Christmas in Mexico is known as Las Posadas. The people re-enact the search of Mary and Joseph for a place to stay. Afterwards is a time of parties with music, fireworks, food and the breaking of a pinata. Making a Pinata is a great free Christmas craft for kids as they get to practice their paper mache skills!

Paper Chains (unknown)- The tradition of making paper chains is one practiced by many families, with the brightly colored chains said to represent the love between all peoples and races at Christmas time. Suitable activity for both older kids and preschoolers.

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