Puppy Chaos Cake

Puppy Chaos Cake

by Stacey

(Warminster, PA, USA)

Puppy Birthday Cake

Puppy Birthday Cake

For the Puppy Birthday Cake you’ll need
2 box cakes mixes or enough scratch cake to fill 2
X 8″ cake pans and 2 X 6″ cake pans
Your favorite icing and filling (for between cake layers)
Gum Paste
Pizza cutter
Cookie cutter
Cake board or plate
Gum glue
Icing colors

The bottom tier of the cake is two 8″ round cakes. Level the cakes by removing any humps or unevenness. (This works better if the cake is firm. You can freeze your cakes wrapped in plastic wrap if necessary. Take your leveled 8″ round and place it on a turn table. Add your filling and then stack the 2nd 8″ round on top. ice the 8″ cake and set aside. Do the same with the 6″ cake.

You now have 2 iced cakes ready for fondant. Cover both the 8″ and the 6″ cakes in fondant dyed in the color of your choice. Once they are covered in fondant, place them on the cake board or dish of your choice. Then place dowels through the bottom tier to support the 6″ cake. Then very carefully stack the 6″ cake on top of the 8″ cake.

To decorate:

Take a strip of fondant and wrap the bottom edge of the top and bottom tiers. Shape little circles out of an accent color and glue on the paw prints.

Then sculpt little puppies out of fondant, modeling chocolate, or gum paste. Then place them on the cake using gum glue (Gum Pasted mixed with water) and toothpicks to secure.

Pipe royal icing onto the cake where you want your tears and surround it with torn pieces of fondant. Pipe or smear little excesses of royal icing on the puppies to make them look messy.

To make the bow, mix gum paste into your fondant and roll flat and thin. Use a pizza cutter to cut the bow into the desired width. Shape your bow and stuff tissues into the sides of the bow to help keep the fullness while it dries. Set it aside to firm.

Use a cookie cutter and fondant rolled thin to create your “Happy Birthday” plaque. Use edible markers to write your message and glue the plaque to the front of the cake.

Add the bow when it has firmed up a bit by securing it with gum glue and toothpicks.

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Love It!

by: Sunnygrl

My daughter gave me the daunting task of making her a girlie puppy dog birthday cake for her 12yr old birthday party with the colors of green, blue and white only! Finding your info was a godsend! I now see IT CAN BE DONE in a cute/non-boy way! Can’t wait to try it!

Oh and for those wondering about how to make the dogs, I found quite a few tutorial videos on Youtube. My fave is from subscriber aine2, her video is simply titled “How to make a fondant dog”.


by: kristell steinhardt

now thats what i call a cool cake other people just think that their scabby old cake would be way better than this but i can tell ya they are wrong!u have to come to my house and show me how to make this cake!

– Kristell Steinhardt

puppie instru

by: Anonymous

where are the actual instructions on how to make the puppies? All it reads is ‘make them’ not how to

Puppy cake looks fantastic!!

by: Deb

Your cake is “awesome” as usual! I am sure it taste as good as it looks, as always! Great job!


by: ALM

The instructions make me think I might
actually be able to tackle something like this.

Awesome Cake!

by: Geniene Simrak

Stacey, you’re amazing. The cakes you make are so creative and imaginative! This one, although it doesn’t leave much to the imagination b/c the “destruction” is all right there, you can almost see the little puppies running around. They’re so cute!

Good Job, once again!

Awesome Job

by: DRS

That cake looks so good and delicious. Great job. You do very well for yourself.

Great Cake

by: Chris

Sis, You did it again. The cake looks great. I’m sure it was a big hit at the party.


by: Kristin

I love the cake – your instructions make it sound so easy. I think I would be messier than the puppies if I tried to create a cake with all the trimmings. Congrats on the web page! 😉

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