Rocking Horse Cake

Rocking Horse Cake



Rocking Horse Birthday Cake

Rocking Horse Birthday Cake

The cake itself is a butter cake. I thought this the best cake to make as it is for a 1 year old’s birthday.

I actually hired a rocking horse tin, so the shape was easy.

I then mixed up some white butter cream and tinted it the appropriate colours. I also added vanilla extract, as i find the icing to be bland.

All the flowers and leaves were piped out and frozen, then individually placed onto the cake.

I wanted this first birthday cake to be unique and something that we would remember and be able to show her when she got older.

I also made tiny cupcakes in the same cake mix and icing. I decorated them with cutout rocking horses and 1’s.

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rocking horse

by: Cindy

Gorgeous cake. My daughter is expecting her first baby and wanted a rocking horse cake for her shower. I didn’t care for it too much because of the colors that are usually used, but she found this picture of yours and I had to agree, that it is the greatest and it was done in the same colors we are using in her theme for the baby shower !!! I am new to cake decorating so I can use all the help I can get when it comes to ideas. Thanks a million. We love your cake !!! If mine comes out half as good as yours I might upload a picture of it too.



by: Linda

This is a beautiful cake and so well done!! It is certainly a cake to be proud of and an awesome remembrance of a first birthday!!


by: Katie

Fabulous cake for a boy or girl


by: Dianne

This is fantastic, thank you for the idea. I will be trying to do the same for my daughters first birthday – Dianne.


by: Anonymous

Did you cut it out or use a special pan? Not sure about the info about the hired tin.

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