Scary Spider Cake

Scary Spider Cake

by Scarlet Lee

(Ridgeland ,Mississippi)

front view of the redback spider cake

front view of the redback spider cake

2 box any flavor cake mix
1 tub white frosting
black food coloring
1 tube black icing
1 tube red icing
16 large pretzel sticks 2-sticks per leg
chocolate almond bark

First make the cakes as it says on the box. I used devils food chocolate cake mix. Let cake cool.

As the cake is baking coat the pretzels with the melted chocolate bark, follow directions on the package. You can melt in the microwave it will not harm it and it’s a lot faster. I measured the pretzels so that I could cut one stick for each leg that would be a little shorter than the other part of the leg. I had extras just in case the sticks broke. I then glued the two parts of the legs together with some of the melted bark coated the joints real good and let them set. I set these to the side to let them harden on wax paper.

I measured and cut out half moon shapes from one set of the cakes to make the head of the spider. I iced between the cake layers and placed the cake body and head together and trimmed off some of the cake to make it more dome shaped or round. I then frosted the cake body with the black frosting.

After letting the pretzels (the legs) set I stuck the legs a few inches into the cake and apart from each other so that they were standing up. I used a dab of the tube icing to help glue the legs to the cake board. The tube icing is much thicker and it can dry harder than can frosting. I then carefully iced the legs with some on the already made black frosting.

After frosting all of the legs I then made the eyes and an hour glass shape on the top of the cake to make it a black widow. I used the tub of red icing for this and outlined both with the tube of black icing.

This cake was used as my center piece for my Halloween party. I’m not sure where the idea came from but the cake turned out real well. I was very happy and everyone was surprised to see the cake at the party.

Not bad for the first try!

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Oct 07, 2008

Yuk, this spider is skin crawling!!

by: Jen

What a great spider cake, it makes me want to leave the room!!

Awesome job!!

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