Speed Racer Cake

Speed Racer Cake

by Susan

(Murfreesboro, TN, U.S.A.)

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer...

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer…

For the Racing Car Cake, you will need:

Foam board
Aluminum Foil
2 Round Cake Pans
Cake Mix
Chocolate Frosting
Decorating Icing
Green Cake Glitter
Green Food Coloring
Graham Sticks
Peppermint Lifesaver candies
Printed checkerboard design
Speed Racer cars
Small trophy

I covered a foam board with aluminum foil to support the cake, then I made 2 ten-inch round cakes using 2 pans and two cake mixes. I placed the layers side by side to form a figure 8, and then I frosted both layers with chocolate frosting.

I made a half-recipe of decorating icing with the following recipe: 1 1/2 c. Crisco shortening, 2 lb. sifted confectioners’ sugar, 1/2 c. water. I tinted the decorating icing green with a few drops of food coloring and spread the green icing, making a circle in the middle of each cake for the racing infield. Then, I carefully sprinkled green cake glitter on each circle to simulate grass.

Using the peppermint lifesavers, I pushed them down into the cake around each infield area. Using the graham sticks, I put a little chocolate frosting on each for “glue” and placed them around the perimeter of each cake to simulate a fence.

After printing and cutting the checkerboard design to size, I placed a piece on the cake to simulate the finish line. I made a checkered flag by wrapping a piece of the checkerboard design around a short piece of skewer and placed that at the finish line. I printed a “happy birthday” sign with the checkerboard design around it and attached that to the other cake with the rest of the skewer, using a peppermint candy to help anchor it.

I placed some Speed Racer cars around the track…with the Mach 5 in the lead of course! My son was very pleased with his cake and especially loved the fact that he got to keep the Speed Racer cars!

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Thank you

by: Valerie H.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Great Figure 8!

by: Twosey

I love this idea! This simplified design for a figure 8 never even occurred to me! I think I will make a Lightning McQueen version for my son this year! Thanks for the info!

Cool Racing Car Cake!

by: Jenny

What a great looking cake for a boy, and thanks for such detailed instructions, you have made it easy for the rest of us!

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