Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Stress Free Toddler Parties

toddler birthday party ideas

Are you new to toddler birthday parties?
In need of some life saving toddler birthday party ideas and tips?

we are going to be really honest about it we can say that toddler
parties are more for parents to celebrate their child’s birthday than
for the toddlers themselves, but they are an important event to mark.

Toddlers don’t fully
understand the celebration, except that there is a whole lot of fussing
about what they are wearing, whether they are staying clean, and that
they MUST have a nap at a certain time.

Here are a few toddler birthday party ideas for parents that will make the day less stressful and therefore more enjoyable for everyone.

Stress Free Toddler Partiesand toddler birthday party ideas

Numbers- Less is More
your toddler is a social butterfly or very shy then you will probably
have an idea of whether she will cope better with a large or small group
of children. Three or four is generally a good number, remember, you
have parents to keep happy aswell!

can still be quite attached to their parents at this age and will be
more relaxed if mum or dad is in sight. I have been to a 2nd birthday
party which had about 40 people; parents, relatives and kids- it was a
very large house with plenty of outdoor space, was lots of fun but
complete mayhem!

Timing- Short and Sweet
times are what determines when the party will be held. If the children
attending are still having morning and afternoon naps then around 3pm
might be an easier timeslot. It will mean that older children can be
involved and provide extra hands if you need them. About an hour, or two
maximum is the limit for the length of a toddler party. A room full of
cranky kids isn’t much fun for anyone.

toddler parties are held at home which has the advantage of being a
familiar place to the children. If you have a child who is not
comfortable with sharing his toys (and space) then a local park or
community center is a neutral environment for everyone and has the added
bonus of keeping your house mess free and gives the kids some room to run around!

If you are having your party at home you might want to lay a plastic
sheet in the area where the kids will be eating to minimize clean up.
You can ask parents to bring trainer cups for their kids as most
toddlers are not yet able to master a standard drinking cup.

a parent of a toddler you know what you had to do to ‘toddler proof’
your home. Other children will not know the boundaries in your home of
what they can and cannot touch so remove any breakables, shut doors to
bedrooms and generally try to keep the children within a reasonable area
where they can be supervised.

sure doors and outside gates are locked so that you don’t have any
little escapees! The less temptations toddlers have the less stress
there will be for all parents.

Another potential safety issue for toddlers involves balloons. The
popping noise can scare some toddlers and the broken pieces are a
choking hazard. You can keep decorative balloons out of reach or better
still use Mylar Balloons.

finger foods are best for toddlers as they will be too busy to want to
sit down and eat. Platters of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers are ideal
(for kids and adults). You can make bite size sandwiches for kids but
be sure to ask parents about any allergies. Avoid any food that they
pose a choking hazard, things like nuts, hard lollies and whole grapes.

Loot Bags / Goody Bags / Party Favors
something to take home helps toddlers deal with all that giving of
presents, finally they receive something in return! When making up loot
bags for toddlers avoid cheap plastic options which are not necessarily
toddler friendly. Lean towards items like bubble blowers, small boxes of
crayons or chalk, bath toys and a small number of sweets. They can also
take home a piece of cake and any pieces/artworks/crafty items/coloring pages they may
have created throughout the party.

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