Toddler Birthday Theme

Ideas for Toddler Birthdays

teddy party

Toddlers are very much into their toys, TV characters and make-believe so they will love having a toddler birthday theme for their birthday party.

can easily achieve the birthday party theme with some simple party
accessories, loot bags, and the cake, as well as matching any simple
games or activities to the flavor of the day!

**TIP- buying your toddler party
supplies and accessories in bulk online will save you money, but ensure
you allow plenty of time before the party for them to be shipped to you!

Popular Toddler Party Themes

New themes for toddler parties emerge as new characters appear on our tvs and at the movies, but some tried and true toddler party ideas are;

Teddy Bears-
good for boys or girls, gives them a comfort object if they are feeling
a little overwhelmed by the excitement of the party. A Teddy Bears’
Picnic is great for an outdoor/park party.

toddlers love animals whether they be from the farm or more exotic
animals that they may have seen at the zoo. They can bring a toy or
enjoy a mobile animal farm or petting zoo where they can pat real

a great party idea if you have a large sandpit and a baby pool. The
pool will require close supervision and the kids will love freely
playing in the sandpit so long as they have plenty of spades, buckets
and sunhats!

teddy bears picnic - easy toddler birthday party theme

like animals, toddlers seem to love dinosaurs, they are perennial
favorites. There are plenty of dinosaur items that you can use- coloring
books, dinosaur stickers and plastic toys (just make sure they’re big
enough to not be a choking hazard.)

this theme can take a number of twists. You can have a rainbow party
with a color dedicated to each attendee or can have a green, pink or
other favorite color party with food and decorations to match.

a hat party is ideal for toddlers who may not like wearing complete
costumes which can become uncomfortable. They will have a great time
swapping hats amongst themselves and can remove a hat if it is annoying

Cartoon Characters-
old favorites like Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street, or newer
characters like Bear in the Big Blue House, Buzz Lightyear and Woody,
Nemo or Bob the Builder all have plenty of merchandise available for a
themed party.

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