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toddler online games

If you have a young child wanting to play toddler online games, there are a number of websites that feature lots of fun activities, downloads and videos as well as free online toddler games that they can play on the spot!

We all know that toddlers love the characters that they see on tv and in movies, so here’s some more of your toddlers favorites online.

Play Toddler Games Online

Oh Oh with the Teletubbies!

All the fun and giggles of the Teletubbies, strictly for littlies. Simple games where you child can play with the mouse to see a result. Match each teletubby with their favorite thing. Plenty of fun sound effects, nursery rhymes, painting, counting and shapes. For little Teletubby fans, there’s plenty to see and do!


Pocoyo has its own cinema, where your kids can watch short Pocoyo films. It also has a small games area, with games that are clean to view and simple to play. Matching games which require only basic mouse skills will impress most toddlers.

Also screensavers, wallpapers and activities to match each character within the show if your kids have a favorite.

Charlie and Lola

As with many toddler sites, Charlie and Lola has great sound effects that little kids will love, although the site can be a little slow to load.

It has the usual free toddleronline games- matching pairs, wallpapers and coloring in. Our favorites are the pink bottles game with funky music, or you can try to get out of the maze- might need help for this game, it’s actually pretty tricky!!

CCBeebees also has a Charlie and Lola section which has different games to the Charlie and Lola home website. My toddler loves the game where we get to choose either Charlie or Lola and then find the right object that makes them happy!

Fun with Spot

Your toddler can go with Spot to the farm, beach, park or a party. You can also read one of his animated stories on this fairly simple site with all the clean imagery that we associate with Spot.

*TIP- Use the time your child spends on playing toddler online games as a fun and interactive play time that you spend together. Your child will love hearing your praise and excitement as they show off their computer skills.

They will need your help to select appropriate games, restart game and explain how to play. It is an opportunity to relax and spend enjoyable time  together away from the frenetic pace that generally exists with a toddler in the house!

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