Toddler Swing Set

choosing the perfect swingset for you

When making the selection for a toddler swing set, you need to make sure the equipment you choose is age appropriate for your child, yet perhaps are looking for something flexible enough to accommodate your child as he or she grows.

  • Most larger swing sets whether wooden (pine or other timber)  or metal will require you to buy a separate swing especially for a toddler. It adds roughly $50-60 to the price of the equipment but makes the set more flexible as your kids grow up.
  • A toddler swing can be purchased individually and fitted to a porch or tree- secure fixing is required. See more below..

Toddler and Infant Swings

Baby Seat

An option for infants and toddlers is the t-bar style swing, which hangs from a sturdy tree or porch. It is molded plastic with high sides and back to support a child still learning how to sit, while the t-bar secures the child firmly in. The t-bar design can be a little awkward to get the child in and out of with feet and shoes sometimes getting stuck. They come in heavy-duty plastic and weather-resistant rope, so are hard-wearing, but of more importance is that they need be securely fixed to a suitable structure.

Baby Seat

Residential Full Bucket Seat With Chain – Blue

If you are purchasing a stand alone swing set then a soft plastic bucket seat is required for your toddler. It fits the child in snugly and usually has a clip belt across the front. Once the child outgrows the bucket seat it can simply be replaced with a standard belt or board seat. My four year old still easily fits in to a bucket seat so you will get plenty of use from one.

Residential Full Bucket Seat With Chain - Blue

Whether you go for a metal or timber swing set comes down to budget, visual appeal and the size of your yard. See our Buyers Guide to help you make the decision.

**TIP Always supervise toddlers when using a swing. I have seen them somehow manage to flip the seat upside down but still be strapped in!

Swing safety for toddlers

Soft surfaces are a must under and around your toddler swing set. Never place your swing set over hard surfaces like blacktop, concrete or packed earth where injury could result in the event of a fall. 

Recommended loose fill surfacing materials are wood mulch (9″ depth), double shredded bark mulch (9″ depth), uniform wood chips (12″ depth), fine sand (12″ depth) and fine gravel (12″ depth). The loose-fill material must extend a minimum of six feet (1.8 meters) surrounding all equipment and a minimum of twice the height of the swing beam is recommended in front of and behind swinging equipment. The same distance is recommended as a safe distance for any fences, structures or branches from trees.

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