website comments

website comments

by Barbara Hayes


I wanted to send out a quick thank you letter in regards to your related links page – ( I work at an after school program and your resources have been very helpful, it’s nice to find fun sites for the kids to use.

The students and I have been working on creating a section of our website which has fun links for kids to use at home. I used a few of your links in there for the kids to check out, so thanks! To show our appreciation, I wanted to share another resource that might be perfect for your page. This page on collecting for kids has a lot of great stuff:

“Collections on Display: A Kid’s Guide to Collecting Things” – (

I hope you like the link and thanks again! Oh, and if you decide to include the link and don’t mind giving me a shout back, that’d be great. I’d like to show the students if you put it up 🙂

Barbara Hayes
After Skool Kids

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