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If you are in search of
a baby game online, then you’ve found it here! Playing games with
babies comes naturally to most parents.

We sing, bounce, rhyme and dance
without even being aware of the important foundations we are laying for
our babies in terms of language, social and communication skills.

In the first weeks of life your baby turns and smiles at you, not in recognition of your face, but at the sound of your voice.

a new world of many unfamiliar and fleeting sounds, the familiarity of
your voice and its rhythms soothes and calms your baby, even from a
different room.

As a
newborn he will only be able to locate sounds in front and on either
side of him. In time and with practice he will soon be able to pinpoint
sounds from behind as well. There are many simple listening games to
help this process.

Looking for a baby game online- rhymes and songs

Baby Talk
way that parents speak to their babies in higher than normal tones is
called ‘parentese’. Babies respond to these high pitched ‘adult
babblings’ so be sure to hold your baby close and look into her eyes as
you talk to her.
Keep a running commentary of your day for your
baby. As she starts to babble, smile and respond to her. The more you
praise and talk to her the more she will ‘talk’ as she can see that it
pleases you!

The number of words an infant hears on a daily basis influence her
speech, intelligence, and scholastic performance in later years.

Musical Melodies
love rhythms and other gentle sounds as they resemble the soothing
noises heard in the womb. The best types of music are lullabies,
classical or soft instrumental music. Other sounds you can use to soothe
your baby include the washing machine or dishwasher as these sounds in
particular have been established as being close to those heard in the
Another way that babies love music is to dance with you. We
have a (very) wide variety of music being played in our household and
both of my kids have loved being sat on my hip jigging around the living

Singing and Rhyming
Because of the natural rhythms that babies hear when we speak, they automatically love to hear rhymes as well as music.
I have different rhymes depending on the time of the day and always sing the same ones at certain times-

Good Morning
On The Change Table
Getting Dressed
Good Night

helps babies relate to rhythm of the day, gives them familiarity and
expectation. Use an old fashioned rhyme like ‘London Bridge is Falling’
or ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and just change the words to suit the setting.The
morning rhyme I sing changes a little each day depending on the weather
outside. If you don’t feel like making up a rhyme then just use a
lullaby from your own childhood, it is the rhythm and the smile on your
face that is all important to your baby.

The combination of nature (our genes) and nurture (the care and
stimulation your baby receives) determines his capacity to learn and

games for babies online

Clapping and Bouncing Games
babies grow beyond three months they begin to enjoy more boisterous
play. Clapping games like ‘Pat a Cake’ and bouncing games where your
baby ‘falls off a horse’ or something similar, will all excite a baby of
this age. She can ride on your lap or the crook of your foot as your
legs are crossed. As you uncross your legs she can be lifted high into
the air before coming back down.

Leg over, leg over
The dog went to Dover
When he came to a stile
UP, he went over

My kids love;
Giddy up horsey, giddy up horsey
Giddy up horsey, GO, GO, GO
(bounce, bounce, bounce)
Giddy up horsey, giddy up horsey
Giddy up horsey, WHAOOO
(tip them back, and a bring up for a kiss)

As well as the language and social aspects of these games, you baby is
also improving her posture and balance in readiness for walking.

Noisy Toys
a baby learns that he can ‘make’ a noise by banging or hitting, he will
love any sort of rattle you give him. When he is more co-ordinated he
will love to hit saucepans with wooden spoons- for as long as your
nerves can take it!! For younger babies you can make ‘musical mittens’
with a pair of scratch mittens. Simply sew little bells onto them, or if
it is too hot for mittens you can use ribbons tied around his wrist.

When your baby has had enough of a game or is feeling over stimulated
she will look away or start crying a little. All babies need time on
their own as well so give her a reassuring cuddle and allow her some
time to relax.

If you are looking for websites, specifically designed for baby and toddler online play – we have those too..

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