Christmas Garland – Make Your Own Xmas Decorations

Make Your Own Xmas Decorations

We decided to make our own Christmas garland this year, and have been having so much fun making little felt Christmas decorations that we decided to make a few more for a unique handcrafted Xmas garland. 

Handmade felt Christmas decorations for a Xmas garland

I love working with felt as it is so forgiving, easy to stitch, and really cheap to buy by the sheet, so it is no drama if we make the odd mistake.

These little felt Xmas decorations only take about half an hour to make and can be used either to put together a garland, or to hang on the Xmas tree.

Christmas garland - felt reindeer

What You’ll Need

colored felt – whatever color scheme you are going with. These decorations are only about 2 in (6cm) big, so they do not use much felt!

beads, buttons, sequins – whatever other bits and pieces that you might want to use for decoration

thread (in contrasting colors)

wool, cushion filling for stuffing

raffia, jute, thick string for threading and hanging your Xmas garland

heart felt xmas decoration

We didn’t even use a pattern for these, simply cut out your shape – tree, heart, reindeer, or a star, bird etc. The imperfectness adds to the charm- well, that’s what I believe!

Once you have one shape that you are happy with, now use it as a template to cut out a second shape the same, so that you have a back and a front. Decorate one side (this will be the front) with other pieces of felt, sequins, buttons etc. Once you’ve done this, match up your two pieces together and use a neat stitch of your choice to stitch them up.

Once you are about 3/4 of the way through stitching around the outside, fill your decoration with some wool, pillow stuffing, or even scraps of felt will do. Complete stitching up your piece and it is ready to be strung onto the garland. 

homemade Christmas garland

I have used raffia for this Christmas garland, but think that jute will actually hang better, and am also chasing up some felt balls to hang in between each decoration. 

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