Free Child Games

Free Child Games

Easy Indoor Active Play

If you are in search of some free child games for your kids who are bored and stuck indoors then don’t be dismayed. Being inside doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy some fun active play, you just need some loud music (to cover all the squealing!) and a bit of creativity. Your kids will love being able to be really noisy and boisterous and best of all it’s free!

The best games are free! Free child games including balloons, musical and other active games for kids.

You can use music, balloons and many other household items as props for your kids to let off a bit of steam. Even if your house or apartment is quite small you just need to push some furniture to the sides of the room, remove all breakables and enjoy! They will most often want to include you so relish the opportunity to jump around and have some fun!

Obstacle Course
This game can be varied depending on the furniture available, how much time you have and the ages of the children. Some ideas include where the children can play;
Leapfrog- from towel to towel
Tunnel- using chairs
Balance beam- rolled up towel
Sliding under (on tummies)- cord tied between two chairs
Anything else your furniture allows!!
Older kids can balance a small beanbag or similar on their head to make it harder.

Balloon Balancing
The object of the game is for children to keep their balloon from touching the ground. Encourage them to use different body parts. It is best to clear the furniture to the sides of the room. This game can be played outside but stronger helium type balloons are required (normal balloons will pop whenever they land on something even slightly prickly!). Other variations include laying on the floor and trying to keep their balloon in the air or jumping around with the balloon between their knees, without popping the balloon ofcourse!! You will probably need a good supply of balloons for this one!

**TIP- Young children love balloons (once they get beyond being frightened of the popping) so it is a good idea to keep a stock of them in your cupboard. Anytime your child is a bit bored blow up a balloon and you can practice your throwing and catching skills.

Make cardboard cutouts of your child’s feet. Blu-tack them around the house creating a trail for them to follow. The game can be varied by making it into a treasure hunt, placing footprints further apart or having a hopping section. It also helps your kids to learn right and left.

Musical Statues
This favourite free child game can be played at home or in a party environment. We play it at our house with or without friends over just for a chance to wiggle and giggle! The children dance around until the music stops. When it does they must hold the exact position that they were in. Anyone seen moving is out and the game continues until the last child remains.

Musical Tumbles
Like musical statues it can be played with only one or two kids or with a group. This games uses a pile of cushions and beanbags in one corner of the room which the children can fall onto as they dance around. When the music stops whoever is near the cushions can fall onto them. For a larger group this will require a little bit of care so the smaller children don’t get hurt.

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