Homemade Christmas Gift Idea

crafty and baked Xmas ideas with almost zero budget!

When you’re trying to think of gifts for lots of people, it can get tough to come up with novel ideas for Christmas gifts. A homemade Christmas gift idea could include crafty presents like the cute pussy cat cushions below, but other great options are also some handmade Christmas decorations, or cookies and other yummy foods in decorated jars and boxes. 

If your family prefers a crafty Christmas, then there are plenty of ways to celebrate and really take the time to make something that someone is going to love!

Our page includes our top homemade gift ideas for kids, and yes, your kids can help to make them too! Adults can be even tougher, so check out all of our yummy Christmas cooking pages for some inspiration.

Crafty Cat Cushions

crafty homemade Christmas gift - crafty cat cushions

To make these cat cushions, all that was required was one bought cushion, some colored felt, embroidery thread and stuffing, and a few buttons. 

I found a cat silhouette online and traced this pattern and then did a neat blanket stitch around the outside before stitching it onto the outside of the cushion cover. It looked a little bare so I added the word ‘meow’ for added interest. 

The second cushion involves two pieces of thick felt (or similar material). The cat features are stitched onto one side, and then again I did a blanket stitch 3/4 of the way around before stuffing the cushion, and then completing the blanket stitch. Voila- two matching cute cat cushions for the cat lover in our family. 

cat cushion - handmade Xmas gift

Make a jewelled treasure box

Craft stores have a great selection of wooden and cardboard boxes, drawers and chests to choose from.

You’ll Need
1 chest/wooden box with lid
White/PVA Glue
Assortment of trinkets and jewels
Laquer/clear gloss

Simply paint and decorate the chest to your liking. Once the paint has dried spread on some glue and sprinkle on glitter. You can even attach some jewels/trinkets to the outside of your chest to decorate it even more. 

Once it has dried you can give it a coat of clear gloss paint to seal it. Now you just need to place some specially chosen little gemstones, trinkets or a special shell or feather inside. This homemade Christmas gift idea can easily be undertaken by kids with just a little adult supervision.

Dress Ups Box – hours and hours of entertainment

This is a twist on a homemade Christmas gift that I got my kids when they were around the ages of 3 and 7 as this is the prime age for dressing up! This is a great Christmas gift idea for kids which will keep them entertained all year, but it takes a bit of organization.

Find a large old case/chest with plenty of character. I always find great bargains in thrift or op-shops for just a few dollars. You can decorate your case with decoupage, material or an assortment of stickers. Previously I have left the outside of our case fairly plain, and just decorated the inside. Now for the hard part, gradually build up a collection of dress-ups to go in the case/chest. For more ideas on where to source dress-ups, check out our dress-ups page.

My kids each got one new dress-up costume, plenty of old and recycled items, and a lovely chest to store them all in. Just imagine the fun on Christmas Day!

christmas stocking with a twist (its kind of healthy!)

There are so many pre-packaged Christmas stockings that you can buy filled with chocolates and sweets. I am a bit old-fashioned in that I don’t mind my kids having some sweets at Christmas time, but I try to limit the amount of packaged sweet food that they consume (as it reduces all that sugary kids craziness that seems to follow!)

I usually make Christmas cookies, gingerbread, rumballs and snowballs for other family members to go into baskets or decorated boxes. All I do is put aside a few of each, buy a couple of small sweets and candy canes from the store and make up a stocking treat for each child in a fancy jar or box. They are just as excited to receive this as they would a pre-made stocking, and I know it’s much healthier!!

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