Homemade Halloween Decorations

Easy to Make Ghosts and more..

For your next Halloween party, the kids will love to help you make homemade Halloween decorations, and its a great way to get some cheap Halloween decorations as these only need a bit of your time and a few basic materials.

Make Your Own Halloween Decorations..

Decorating your house can follow the theme that you set with your homemade Halloween party invitations.

homemade Halloween decorations here are couple of simple Halloween party ideas that will
thrill the kids and not take up too much of your time. The kids can also
color in some of our free Halloween printable decorations which you can also use as decorations.

halloween party spider web

Cheesecloth Ghosts
have two different Halloween party ideas here both using inexpensive
cheesecloth. The first are a little fiddly but give a superb result
which can be kept for future Halloweens.

Floating Ghosts are much easier and will really excite the younger
kids. To keep the ghostly theme, you can cover your furniture with white
sheets. The mood can be completed by synthetic cobwebs and pipecleaner spiders.

Fabric stiffner or PVA/white glue
Googly eyes
Nylon thread

First, blow up the balloons and sit them in drinking glasses; this will provide a form for you to mold the ghosts around.
Cut squares about 12-14″ of double layers of cheesecloth.
Dilute the fabric stiffener/glue 1:1 with water and dip the cheesecloth squares into the glue mixture.

Wring out the excess and drape the cheesecloth over the balloon in a ghostly shape.

You can have the ghost’s hemline trail on the table for a standup ghost, or you can have a sheer drop for a flying ghost.
the ghosts to dry overnight. When dry, remove the balloons, glue on the
googly eyes and attach nylon thread to the heads of any ghosts you want
to hang.

Hang the flying ghosts wherever appropriate!
The standup ghosts can stand on a table while your guests try to work out how they stand up!

Floating Ghosts

Helium Filled Balloons
Nylon Thread

with a piece of cheesecloth 2 yards long and 1 yard wide. Place a
helium filled balloon (white is best) in the middle of the fabric and
gather loosely around balloon. Draw a face or features on the cloth with
a felt pen. You can put some ghosts in a box and when people open the
box they will float up and scare everyone! Or, you can place them on
string in front of an open window or a fan and watch them gently float
in the breeze.

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