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Get Those Little Hands Dirty!

There are many creative toddler activities that are low on cost and high on fun. At 12-24 months your toddler will need supervision and help from you but will love the opportunity to explore different mediums. Best of all he will learn that ‘I can do that!’ and that his parents are truly proud of his achievements when his artwork is displayed around the house.

First Artworks
For your toddlers first drawings provide him with stubby crayons and large sheets of paper. At first the markings will be very random, be sure to give plenty of praise. He won’t draw with intention until he is about 3years old.

Finger painting- maybe this one's been done by mum or dad!

There are many different toddler activities involving paint. You can make up paint from powder or buy pots of poster paint. When leaving a toddler to do his own painting provide just one color in a spill resistant pot with a thick stiff brush. It is not until he is a little older that he will appreciate multiple colors and different brushes to try. Toddlers love finger painting amongst other different paint ideas.

Younger children gain pleasure in the texture and feel of play dough and clay rather than having a great interest in actually making anything. Squeezing, rolling and cutting will be if primary interest and play dough is the easiest medium for them to use. Click here for the easy recipe for Play Dough.

Cut ‘n’ Paste
Making a collage is one of those great toddler activities to fill a rainy afternoon.
Your toddler needs to begin to understand how glue works which will take a little time. As your child develops skills you can draw her a simple picture and get her to ‘drop’ in the area you have drawn. Eventually she can move onto to glueing on her own and using fingers and scissors to rip and snip. See Cut n Paste for more ideas.

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