Childrens Halloween Costumes

To Make, Buy or A Combination?

Making (at least a part) of our childrens Halloween costumes is a big part of
the fun and helps to build the excitement before the big event. It also
saves money, as Halloween can sure become an expensive exercise with
multiple children all wanting new costumes!

As well as wanting something that our kids will love, we are also
looking to balance the amount of time we need spend making a costume. I
don’t want to spend half my week making something that could be created
in a few hours (if I could find a clever way to do it!)

Most of us will have some kind of collection of Halloween masks, fangs, blood, nails and the like, so see if you can raid this before your kids demand new sets of everything.

childrens halloween costumes

If you have visited any of the other costume making pages, you may have noticed that I’m not much of a sewer, and prefer to work on the fly – that is generally without a pattern, and making it up as I go!

That said – some of the capes that I have made are the most worn items in my kids dress up box, and get pulled out year after year!

Costumes by Age

age of your kids will influence the kind of costume that they’ll wear.
The general rule is that the older they are the longer they’ll put up
with being uncomfortable to look good!

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