Origin of Thanksgiving

Celebrating Friends, Family and the Harvest

The origin of Thanksgiving is a celebration based around the completion
of the harvest.

The actual date of the first Thanksgiving is a debated
topic, but 1621 is generally recognized as being the first Thanksgiving festival.

origin of Thanksgiving is in celebration of the harvest

Surviving A Long Journey

The pilgrims who sailed from England in 1620 are the original connection
to the Thanksgiving that we celebrate today. Once they reached New
England, after a terrible journey, they faced a harsh winter with little
in the way of food or shelter.

Fortunately they were assisted
by local Indians and learnt how to grow local crops like corn, barley
and pumpkins. In the following year, 1621 they reaped a bountiful
harvest and in celebration they held a three day feast. Although this
was not the first Thanksgiving celebration, it is said to be the first
Thanksgiving Festival.

The dates for Thanksgiving vary depending on where it is being celebrated. Canada’s Thanksgiving occurs earlier in the year than America, as does the traditional end of their harvest.

Thanksgiving Fun for the Kids

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